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Walking up to the Verruca (Calci- Pisa)

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An historic excursion both for the importance given to the destination and for the classical nature of the route which always attracts tourists and hikers.

Through the village of Montemagno, on top of Valgraziosa's Vallet of Pisa, then along the slopes of Mount Lombardona first, straight to Monte Grande with its extraordinary panoramic views. This walking offers special pleasure during the ascent, also above all with a breathtaking view that opens onto the plain below the Rocca della Verruca.
Difficulty: medium-easy
Average Timing: 2 and a half hours (full escursion)

Necessary: ​​We recommend wearing mountain boots or mountain hangers, hiking gear(s) and waterproof material. In a single trekking backpack, bring your own water and pocket lunch.

From EUR 14

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On the top of Monte della Verruca (537 m.), because of its strategic position, there  is the same "Rocca" used by the ancient residents of Pisa to defend their borders. At the beginning of the fifteenth century, once conquered by the Florentines, the Rocca was destroyed, then restored in the 16th century.  Today it is possible to perceive how important this place is to control the area: the wide views of territory from Pisa' coast to the Florentine hills. At the foot of the recent archaeological excavations (1996-2003) of  the Rocca  discover a part of the ancient monastery, called San Michele alla Verruca. So far, both archaeological excavations leave full abandoned, although several volunteers  periodically climb the Rock to clean it from the waste. This area, unfortunately, was hit by a vast fire in September 2009. This event destroyed many hectares of forests on the valley.

This hike is also an example to see how nature reacted to the fire.


  1. Calci
  2. Verruca
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